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About us

We are a small family company. We produce wooden toys and equipment, furniture and accessories for children. When developing and creating our products, we are guided by the children themselves. The greatest inspiration for us is our two children. We follow their development needs live, which constantly pushes us in compiling the company's portfolio.

Most of our toys, toys and children's furniture meet the child's development according to the approach of Montessori and Waldorf education.

At MonToy, we believe that happy and balanced children are the resault of sufficient movement. Therefore, we design several aids with an emphasis on the development of motor skills of children. The ideal time to move a child is still. With our movement aids you can easily create space for free movement and free play in your home, so that children are motivated to consume their constant energy even at home.

We have expanded our standard production program to include custom production and tailor-made products. The combinatin of our ideas and our experience resaults in unique furniture and accessories for children´s rooms. Children learn from their environment. From it they create their habits and stereotypes. We design children's rooms so that the environment in them stimulates the child all stimuli, especially the development of movement and gross motor skills. When arranging a nursery, we therefore pay attention to the inclusion of elements supporting the development of motor skills in children. Children love the movement of every kind. Let's treat it in their own room. Let them also get behind the door of their own room to seek and push their boundaries in motor skills. Let us give them such an important value in life as joy, in this case the joy of free movement and free play.


The philosophy of our company and our work is to bring to you, our customers, high quality local wooden toys / toys and children's furniture with a professional approach to ensure your satisfaction and provide you with real service. We are able to achieve this thanks to the combination of quality materials, the craftsmanship of our masters and the application of an individual approach to the customers, which we also like ourselves.


SAFETY: All products in our workshop are designed to be safe for children. We are parents of two children, so the safety of children is very important in our home. We use top quality wood, we make quality construction joints, which make our products strong. We emphasize the careful processing of product details and we prefer rounded edges when designing them.

A RESPECTIVE APPROACH TO NATURE: We make all our products responsibly. Since we plan to leave our mother, the planet Earth, as all of us to our children, we take a considerate approach to her for granted.

SURFACE TREATMENT / DEFECTABILITY: We use ecolaks and ecological paints suitable for children to finish the finished products. Where appropriate, we leave the products in a natural finish, without any surface treatment. An example is the baby bites where the purity and naturalness of the wood is directly desired. Increasingly, we use oils and waxes in our products to support the return to natural materials. Both, not only, perfectly protect the product from mechanical damage, but perfectly emphasize its natural appearance, character, aroma and beauty.

ORIGINALITY:We design and manufacture wooden toys and aids for children in Slovakia. We have expanded our production to create new designs of furniture and accessories for children. We fine-tune them with you, our customers, and your ideas, which helps us create unique and original pieces.

PRODUCTION: All of our products are made by hand using woodworking machines, since only such a combination can guarantee the uniqueness of our products.


  • Our wooden toys and aids are educational in nature. Most of them fit the child's development according to the Montessori and Waldorf education approaches.
  • We produce all our products in high quality, with an emphasis on their detailed processing.
  • We use top quality wood and materials.
  • We love wood and therefore we work mostly with solid wood.
  • We are able to produce products according to customer's wishes even outside our standard production program.
  • We design children's room projects for those looking for unlimited possibilities. For those who want to have from the children's room, not only a design, but also functional and timeless space.
  • We connect the furniture so that it is strong and that the joints and screws do not disturb the beauty and purity of the product.
  • Custom furniture delivered by our own shipment, which guarantees a very considerate handling and delivery of products in good condition.
  • For tailor-made products, we prefer individual approach to the customer, or personal meeting over the production itself, if necessary.
  • We follow what we agree with you.
  • We want you not to be just one of many. We, too, appreciate the individual approach in everything and that is why we are ready to give it to you when buying from us. We are here for you!

We love our work, so by purchasing our products you get a piece of our heart to your home :)