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The story of our company

I like being a mom ...

The initiative to create my e-shop came from our son Matus and an Italian doctor and pedagogue, Maria Montessori. I am convinced that parenting goes hand in hand with responsibility, and I felt it already during my pregnancy. Even then I was thinking about how to give my child the best in education and how to understand his soul. I got to Montessori access by chance. In search of inspiration, I drew on Marie Montessori's quotation: "Help me do it myself." Montessori applies an individual approach to the child and its natural development. I like an individual approach in everything so I decided to find inspiration in it.

The quality of childhood will greatly affect the quality of life of children in the future. Children are the future and the future of our children is in our hands. It is therefore important which approach we choose for their education and upbringing. Through the principles, values and attitudes that we will communicate with them, we are able to make great things as parents. What I have in mind is, that if we give the children a good foundation, we can influence the world's events in decades and that way make the world a better place to live. These days, the internet, dysfunctional and outdated education, celebrities, with an often crooked character affect the soul and mind of parents and children in particular. The youngest ones are influenced by Chinese plastic toys. That is why we want to take some of the education into our hands. We are a modern, up-to-date family and we use all the latest technology. What we want is to use it properly. If we can not change education, we can not delete the internet and we can not change celebrities, we can create enough stimuli for his good development so he can freely make his own judgment in the future.

As parents, we have decided to increase the quality of our son's education and upbringing by producing educational wooden toys either for his current age or for future. I created this place to help you, other parents, to find stimuli for higher quality upbringing of your children.

Today, more than 80% of the toys you buy anywhere in the world originate in China. Why are they not made in our home country anymore? I am convinced that in the coming decades the consumer habits in shopping for toys will change significantly in the world, and people will return to locally produced toys to support domestic manufacturers.

My long-term goal, and therefore the goal of the entire MonToy company, is to bring under one roof the tools and toys of the highest quality companies. It is important for me to choose companies that have a tradition and share my philosophy - to distribute quality toys and to provide a real service to the customer.

I will help you choose toys from these companies, that bring children the highest added value in terms of developing their potential while being environmentally friendly, made from natural materials, preferably from wood and fabrics, which will last for several generations. At the same time, I am involved in the development of my unique, traditionally hand-made aids and wooden toys. Many of them fit the Montessori and Waldorf pedagogy approach to development of the child. I also want to share interesting information in education with you and bring you inspiration in the form of tools and activities that we will use to educate and learn.

The last thing left to do is to let your offsprings bring the toys to life by becoming their new friends and slowly begin to fulfill my philosophy: "When I make others happy, I raise the quality of life for people around me." In this case, the most important ones - our children. I want my toys not only to become a source of education, but to bring such an important value as joy to the children's lives.

Education and joy as the source of improving the quality of life for our children ...