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Children's table for sitting and dining beginners

Children's table for sitting and dining beginners

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Montessori approach to education encourages children to do activities and experience the world at their own level instead of adapting it to the world of adults. With a table adapted to their height, children enjoy freedom of movement. The table is designed to be light enough for children to manipulate. At the same time, it is wide enough not to be so easily capsized. Children's safety is ensured by rounded corners of the table.

Because children can be hungry at different times from us, they also need to dine at different times. A chair and a table for beginners replace a high chair at the time when children are not talking with us at a high table. They give children a place for their own dining and a chance to start enjoying meals they have seen us eat since they were born. The table can serve for other games, slicing fruit and vegetables, and the like.

Manufacturer: MonToy

Material: beech wood

Surface treatment: Water-soluble, harmless varnish with certification EN 71 - Safety of toys and children's furniture.

Size: 60 / 60 / 39 cm (w / d / h)

Package contents: 1 pc. table

Maintenance: Wipe with a damp cloth. Never use harsh cleaning agents or disinfectants.

Recommended age: This table can be used by the child from the time he starts to sit down and his parents introduce him to the first foods until about 4 years old. The length of use of the table is individual according to the child's height.

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dobrý deň prajem, prosím vás je toto cena aj so stoličkou? dakujem

Dobrý deň, cena pri stolíku je za stolík, stolička je samostatný produkt a nájdete ju tu https://www.montoy.sk/drevena-detska-stolicka-montessori-pre-zacinajucich-sediacich

Dobrý deň,
chcela by som sa opýtať, či stôl so stoličkou sú nejako povrchovo upravené? lakované? a tiež či je drevo nejako lepené? vďaka

Príjemný dobrý deň, drevo je lepené, jedná sa o škárovku bukovú 19mm hrubú, je to A kvalita bez vád a hŕč. Čo sa týka povrchu, tak je lakovaný priesvitným matným lakom značky Balakryl, vodouriediteľný a atestovaný na priamy styk s potravinami. Nohy sú k stolu pre lepšiu prepravu šróbované. Monika

Mate prosim Vas aj dvojickovsku verziu? Teda dve stolicky a stol? Dakujem

Dobrý deň, máme zvlášť stolík http://www.montoy.sk/detsky-dreveny-stolik-montessori-pre-zacinajucich-sediacich a zvlášť stoličku ku stolíku http://www.montoy.sk/drevena-detska-stolicka-montessori-pre-zacinajucich-sediacich takže si ich viete nakombinovať ako chcete, aj pre dvojičky :)


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