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Crayoner Large

Crayoner Large

38,00 € with DPH

A unique wooden activity for your kids from our workshop. Children learn to distinguish colours, shades and understand the concepts such as lighter, darker etc.. The task for the child is to assign the correct colour shade to the correct color of the circle - you can use for example, crayons, markes ....

Choose from our color options- Brown, White or Natural.

Manufacturer: MonToy

Material: solid beech wood

Surface treatment: Water-soluble, harmless varnish and paints with certification EN 71 - Safety of toys and children's furniture.

Dimensions of the complete product: 58 / 7 / 9,5 cm (w / d / h)

Hole dimensions: 9 / 5 cm ( h / ø )

Weight: 1,74 kg

Package contents: 1 crayon with 9 holes for 11 different colors and their shades. Crayons are not included.

The product is delivered in a stylish box from our workshop. Just donate :)

Recommended age: from 1.5 years

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Dobry den, kedy bude opat dostupny pastelkovnik velky? Bude moznost vyberu? dakujem.

dobry den
pastelkovnik velky uz neni v ponuke??dakujem za odpoved

Dobrý deň, Pastelkovník veľký je aktuálne vypredaný. Opäť bude dostupný v úvode roka 2022. Termín upresníme v januári 2022. Ďakujeme za pochopenie.


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