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Crayoner rainbow

Crayoner rainbow

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Beautiful wooden activity for kids from our workshop. Children learn to tell colours, shades and understand the concepts such as lighter, darker and the like. The role of the child is to assign the cylinders themselves to the matching colour into the holes on the base. Of course, they can sort out for example crayons into the holes. We chose 6 rainbow colours for this activity.

Manufacturer: MonToy

Material: beech wood

Surface treatment: Water-soluble, harmless varnish and paints with certification EN 71 - Safety of toys and children's furniture.

Size of the complete product: 35 / 17 / 8.5 cm (w / d / h)

Roller size: 8 / 4.7 cm (h / ø)

Weight: 0.87 kg

Package contents: 1 base, 6 colored rollers. Crayons are not included.

Recommended age: from 1.5 years

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