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Family on the boat

Family on the boat

21,00 € with DPH

The device is suitable, inter alia, for the development of fine motor skills. Inserting dolls also develops imagination in children, logic and aids allow them to know what balancing is.

Which stick figure to choose to transport the boat to the right and which to choose to transport to the left? And when will the boat remain in balance? You can find answers to these questions with your children and our dear family on a boat.

Manufacturer: MonToy

Material: beech wood

Surface treatment: Water-soluble paints and varnishes with certification EN 71 - Safety of toys and children's furniture.

Dimensions of the complete product: 14,5 / 3 / 12,5 cm (w / d / h)

Pedestal dimensions: 14,5 / 5 / 3 cm (w / d / h)

Dimensions of dolls: 9 / 2,3 cm ( h / ø ) and 7 / 2,3 cm ( h / ø )

Weight: 0.19 kg

Package contents: 1 pc. wooden boat. The number of dolls in the boat depends on the chosen variant - 3 or 4 pcs.

The product is delivered in a stylish box from our workshop. Just donate :)

Recommended age: from 1 year

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