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Interlocking discs

Interlocking discs

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At about 6 months of age, (of course, it's individual,) the baby begins to explore objects by moving them from hand to hand. Through this transfer, the child creates a different experience with the same object, and that's why our INTERLOCKING DISCS is ideal. We recommend pushing the toy on a flat surface. It starts to roll slowly so you can catch your child's attention while encouraging them to move themselves. It will certainly succeed as a teetheing toy.

Manufacturer: MonToy

Material: wood

Size: 8 x 5 cm

Package contents: 1 pc

Age: 3+ months old

Pekne spracovana hracka.

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Dobry den. Cim je povrch diskov osetreny? Lak, ci vosk? Vhodne aj pre babatka do ust? Dakujem.

Dobrý deň Veronika, povrch ošetrujeme len voskovým olejom. Je to zmes prírodných olejov a voskov. Má atest na priamy styk s potravinami a na použitie pri ošetrení detských hračiek. Takže je vhodný aj pre bábätká do úst. Snažili sme sa vybrať to najlepšie, čo sme na trhu zatiaľ našli.


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