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Meteostation - little Meteomen

Meteostation - little Meteomen

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This set includes 7 hand-painted little wooden Meteomen, inspired by the Waldorf and Montessori approaches. It encourages children to better perceive and observe the world around them, natural events. Thanks to this, children can act like meteorologists and determine the actual weather outside / weather changes / by placing the correct Meteoman to the front.

Weather types that can be set: Sunshine, Partly Sunny, Snowing, Windy, Cloudy, Thunderstorm, Raining.

The lower part of the Meteomen is open, so it is possible to place them on individual fingers. Therefore, we believe, children will find wider use for this toy. The wooden figures are treated with beeswax oil. Caps are made of felt and glued with non-toxic glue. The weather station is also suitable for working with children in kindergartens, centers.

Manufacturer: MonToy

Package contents: 7 pcs Meteomen; 1 pc tray

Material: wood

Size: Meteomen height: 12 cm; Tray: 26 x 9.5 cm

Age: 3+ years old

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