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Montessori bookcase

Montessori bookcase

189,00 € with DPH

Wondering how to properly create your child's reading corner? Our library can also be the right piece of furniture for storing and presenting books in your home :)

It is designed so that the books are placed in the children's viewing angle and so that the children can see the front of the books. How interesting the picture on the title page is for the child determines whether the child reaches for the book or not. Also, this storage of books in envelopes aims to train the child's memory. The child thus learns to remember what story is hidden behind the picture on the title page of the book.

The shelves in our Montessori library are located within reach of the child, not too high for the child to make his own decision when choosing a book, without the help of his parents.

The depth of the shelves is 5 cm, thanks to which it is possible to place more books in them, so that, if necessary, they can also partially overlap.


Manufacturer: MonToy

Material: solid maple wood

Surface treatment: Water-soluble, harmless varnish and paints with certification EN 71 - Safety of toys and children's furniture.

Dimensions: 72 / 27,5 / 91 cm (w / d / h)

The depth of the top three shelves is 5 cm, thanks to which more books can fit in them. The depth of the lower shelf is 24,5 cm.

Weight: 12,4 kg

Package contents: 1pc. bookcase

Maintenance: Wipe with a damp cloth. Never use harsh cleaning agents or disinfectants.

Recommended age: From when you read at home :) At the beginning, if you don 't have enough books in the library, it will also serve as a toy shelf.

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