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REALITY- children toys and aids

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... in our world of sophisticated aids we have designed, first of all, according to the principles and principles of the Montessori approach. Each of them is clearly defined by purpose. It draws the child's attention to one major specific feature, creating space for the child's intellectual growth and leading him to deepen his sensory perception.

Aids develop, especially the child's concentration.

They are also designed intuitively. There is no need to constantly encourage the child to use them, the device itself in a non-violent form, alongside the game "guides" the child to the correct use.

Since they are intended to engage the child's senses, they are made of natural materials.

Imagination is a typical feature of our devices. The aim is to keep the child´s interest and return to it again and again. Despite being attractive, they retain clear shapes.

Bright colors give a calm impression.

Little houses - different ways of opening

Little houses - different ways of opening

  • Homemade

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