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Shipping and Payment Terms

We dispatch the goods after processing the order in the following ways:

Delivery to the address - Courier within EU:

  • We value the amount of transport price to countries within the EU individually. Before ordering the goods, please contact us by e-mail and we will send you the price within 24 hours.

Payment methods you can use:

  • bank transfer 0 EUR
  • online card payment

We use the services of www.postabezhranic.sk for sending a consignment outside Slovakia.

We will notify you of the price for sending your shipment to other countries after processing your shipment when we determine the weight. If you do not approve of the shipping height and you wish to cancel the order, feel free to do so.

Payment by transfer to account
You will pay for the goods to our account, before the goods are delivered. If you choose this form of payment in the order, do not send a payment before we confirm the completeness of your order (by mail or telephone). Information such as account number, exact amount, and variable symbol will be sent to you when your order is complete. After verifying your payment, we continue to process your order and then it will be dispatched.

Online card payment

If you need to deliver the goods quickly, you need to contact us by phone and arrange individual delivery terms. If this is in our operating capabilities, we can deliver the goods the next day.