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Tulip - toy TO FINISH

Tulip - toy TO FINISH

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We supply the tulip in a natural design so that small creators can assemble, paint and finish it according to their own imagination. We recommend using acrylic paints for painting. The individual parts are already ground.

The ability to make such a custom toy allows the child to develop his manual skills, fine motor skills, imagination, logical thinking when picking individual parts of the flower, creativity and imagination, or his patience and concentration.

A simple tutorial is included with each flower.

Detailed photo tutorial and video tutorial for assembling the Tulip together with inspiration for its completion can be found in our blog: https://www.montoy.eu/blog/tulip-to-finish-photography-and-video-instructions

As a little surprise to every Tulip, we send a nice poem to your children that they can learn about a handmade toy.

Tip for use: in our home Tulip after completion of children serves as a hanger for bracelets :)

Manufacturer: MonToy

Material: birch wood

Surface treatment: Without surface treatment - natural finish of the product

Dimensions: The height of the folded tulip is 25 cm.

Weight: 0.65 kg

Package Contents: 1 pc. Tulip pedestal, 1 pc. stem, 1 pc. leaves, 2 pcs. flowers.

Recommended age: Children from 3 years of age can complete the tulip. For younger children, it requires parental assistance. Painting and finishing is done by little ones themselves :) We have experience from workshops that big guys like to hammer themselves without assistance :)

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