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Wooden sewing - Car

Wooden sewing - Car

12,00 € with DPH

Nice and imaginative wooden toy for practicing hand sewing. If your children are full of interest when they see you working with a needle and thread, then this is an ideal opportunity for them to try hand sewing at an early age. This toy gives children a valuable skill that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Sewing develops in children, above all, fine motor skills. Thanks to this aid, the three-finger grip also develops perfectly. The toy will therefore serve well for training to hold a pen and prepare for writing. Lace-up toys are also a great tip for trips, because they are practical and quiet, so they will not disturb other passengers :)

Manufacturer: MonToy

Material: The car itself is made of oak solid. The needle is made of beech wood.

Surface treatment: Water-soluble, harmless varnish with certification EN 71 - Safety of toys and children's furniture.

Dimensions of the toy car: 18 / 1 / 12 cm (w / d / h)

Needle dimensions: 8 / 0,8 cm ( h / ø )

Dimensions of the ball: 1,5 cm ( ø )

Weight: 0.16 kg

Package contents: 1 pc. wooden toy car, 1 pc. wooden needle, 1 pc. string for threading and 1 pc. ball for catching the knot on the string.

Recommended age: from 4 years

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